Automotive Innovation Center

Our Mission and Value Proposition

  • Former Automotive OEM Executives and Engineers in Purchaising, Operations, Product Design Engineering, and Supplier Quality Engineering.
  • Cross-functional bi-lingual(English and Chinese) supporting staff teams in both US and China.
  • Authorized AIAG Supply Chain partner in China.
  • International automotive OEM experience.

AIC Associates

  • With strong presence in US and China, AIC associates former automotive OEM executives and engineers in purchasing, operations, product design engineering, and supplier quality engineering, to work with customers by providing state-of-the-arts innovative OEM/ODM services, transforming dreams into realities.

AIC Niche Areas

  • Automotive OEM experiences
  • Authorized AIAG Supply Chain Training partner in China
  • Hands-on Purchasing and Quality engineers
  • Strong presence and bilingual support members in US and China