Body Exterior

From front bumper, to body structure, right through to the rear bumper, APA is involved in every process of auto exterior components design engineering and production. World class materials, processes and finishes, come together, satisfying the toughest consumer's demand for quality.



Ranging from automotive seat fabrics including a great selection of cloth and leather, carpeting, to dash board, APA brings in the latest design and technologies in material science to meet different needs, be they entry level or top-end.



The development of automotive electronics is advancing by leaps and bounds, offering not just engine controlling, but transmission and chassis controlling, as well as features such as active safety, driver assistance, and infortainment system, all of which requires closer works with ICT suppliers, which APA already does.



Chassis design and engineering is critical to automotive handling and safety, which requires robust laboratory evaluation and analysis to ensure its success. With a strong engineer team, APA assures that its manufacturing works deliver most reliable products.



In an era that powertrain manufacturing Involves an increased amount of complexity in design and mechanical operations. Shifts to more severe requirements on parts shape and manufacturing tolerances have also evolved, APA is actively working to ensure that all the parts are produced with the strictest quality control, achieving excellence.... when nothing less will do!.